Chocolates of My Mind.

Beer Glass Art: Melting Target.

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“Where The Popsicles Are” Needs Your Help.

As the author of “Where The Popsicles Are” I’m trying to raise some funds to implement a marketing plan, something for which I lacked the resources when I published the book a few years ago.

I need help to do this, and if you check this link below, it will take you to the GoFundMe page and you can see the full story, and have a place where you can donate if you are so moved.

This is the link: Just click on the link.

To show you that every donation counts toward this effort, Read these remarks from our most recent donor. It shows that Joanie’s story has already touched someone, somewhere, and she appreciated it..

Robin Castellanos donated $25
I read “Where the Popsicles Are” in its first incarnation as it was slowly being posted on your blog. I had just begun my journey as the primary caregiver for my mom who was just diagnosed with cancer. Reading it felt like therapy. I have the first edition of the book and I wish you great success in further sharing Joanie’s story.”

Please help me further share Joanie’s story by making a donation today. Her story does touch lives.

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Whole Notes

by Bob Kallberg

Melodies warm me

As notes color the images in my mind, 

The tones give life to my thoughts. 

I see the notes, at times
Through a smoky haze.
Their colors are brilliant.
I feel I could reach and touch them. 

Harmony and rhythm Paint pictures
On lonely nights that make me smile. 

Music tells me
I am not alone,
And it will color my dreams while I sleep.

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Beer Glass Art

The Golden Martini
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“Please Don’t Hate Me for This.”

Friday, October 29th is National Cat Day, and I’m reposting something I wrote back in 2016 about the Siamese cats in our lives and the loss associated with Muffin, for one, and Bailey the latest. I had to let her go in 2016. Brandy, her sister is still with me, and she approved of my retelling their stories.

The Chocolates of My Mind


They came to our house on Mandan Street in the summer of 2006, two little female, Seal Point Siamese furballs with their black ears, paws, tail and mask around the face. The rest of their little bodies were covered with that cream colored fur that would darken as they grew.

The day we had to say good bye to Muffin was a hard one for Joanie. We had just come back from a trip to the clinic in Minneapolis, and went right to the vet clinic where they were holding Muffin for us. She had a severe infection that she couldn’t recover from and we had to let her go. After we got home that night, Joanie, who had, as a friend, a Siamese cat since I had met her said she didn’t think we would get another one or two. It was to hard on her, I thought.


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