Pictures Tell Stories Too

Good morning all. This is Your Morning Briefing, February, 7, 2012.

I’m assuming all of you Giants fans are pleased, and all of you Pats fans are not. I thought it was a good game, and the commercial that made it for me was the Chrysler/Eastwood “Halftime in America” spot. I thought it was one of the best I’d ever seen.

Suzanne and I took the day off yesterday. I thought the hangover from Super Sunday precluded any interest in our ramblings.

Yesterday afternoon, she asked me a strange question, when she said, “Bobby, I see on your computer you have many, many pictures, and most of them are of faces of people. There are a lot of cat pictures too, but you seem to be most interested in your photo work with taking pictures of people. How do you explain that?”

I asked her, “Are you logged into my computer while I’m asleep? And since your are a prose muse, why would you care?”

She said, quite directly, “Yes I am, and I find it interesting that a word person could also be a picture person.”

“The two are not mutually exclusive,” I said, “and besides, pictures can tell a story too.” There was a time when I never went anywhere but there wasn’t a camera hanging from my neck or from over my shoulder. So, I told her we were going to try an experiment with three different pictures to show her what I meant.

I said, “I’m going to show you three photos, and I would like to know what your reaction to them is. You have to look at them as if it’s the first time you’ve ever seen them and you don’t know who they are.”

“What do you see?” I asked her.

“I know who she is.” she said. I shusshed her and said, “Pretend you’ve never seen her before, and tell me what you see when you look at the photo?”

“It’s a great photo, and I see a beautiful young woman. I see the face of innocence.” she said.

“It is one of my favorites, and that’s what I see,” I said, and now look at this next one and tell me what you see.”

Suzanne paused for a moment as she looked at the image before her, then quietly said, “You have that one hanging on your wall right now. I know when you took that photo of Joanie. It was at a difficult time in summer of 2007 when you both knew something but didn’t talk about it. Those incredible eyes in this picture tell me and anyone else who sees it, “I know.”

I told her I thought she was right on, and it was one my favorite images of her, and one I can never forget.

So, not wanting to leave this experiment on a somber note, I said look at this picture and tell me what you see.

Suzanne smiled broadly, and said, “Bobby, this is easy. You also have this one hanging on your wall. The eyes again say it all, and the  title should be ‘Joie de Vivre,’ The joy of living. That’s what I see.”

I had to admit even though I played with it a bit, it was one I really liked  too. “Now, do you understand, my little muse who knows so much, why I like to photograph people?”

“Oh, Bobby, I knew that already. Each of these different pictures has a different story that helps you tell a story.” she said, then she added, “They help you get closer.”

Again with the riddles. but I’m learning to live with them.

Take care, be well, and keep in touch. You know what to to do.



About Bob Kallberg

Retired reporter. Concentrating now on recounting Joanie's 12 year battle with cancer, a battle she waged with extreme courage, determination and an indomitable spirit, that, for me, serves as an example.
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