Suzanne and the Grammy Awards

Good morning all. This is Your Morning Update, February 13, 2012.

Sunday morning, I was awakened quite early by the sound of Suzanne playing her Pan flute. I didn’t get up, choosing to just lay there in bed and enjoy the sound of the melodies floating through my little tin shack. I was just lying there in the early half light of the morning, right before the sun finally bursts over the horizon, eyes closed, when I felt that someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and there, sitting at the foot of my bed was Suzanne with Bailey and Brandy by her side. She smiled and asked, “Bobby, did I wake you too early?”

I said, “Look my little Athenian flower, that is probably the sweetest sounding alarm clock I’ve ever heard in my life, and for my money you could do that every day.”

Since it was Sunday, we didn’t do any serious work, just sat around and talked about little things. Last night, I thought she might enjoy the Grammy Awards, so I turned on the TV.  I don’t usually watch awards shows, but since this was about music, and she’s a muse, I thought I like to get her impression of what she saw.

She told me the word music can be traced back to the Greek word “mousike” for any art presided over by the Muses. Since her mother Calliope, was the muse of epic poetry and working for Apollo the “protector of the arts,” which, of course included music,  I thought she would be interested in current music tastes in our popular culture today.

Apollo, who by her account was an accomplished lyre player, and often won competitions, mainly, I think, because the fix was in. Anyway, he also had a quiver of golden arrows he could shoot when something displeased him, and his aim was never off the mark. At least thats what some of the stories are.

“So,” I asked her what did you think? And did you have rock stars back then in Athens?”

She said, “Indeed we did Bobby, but those rock stars used real rocks. It would have been a quite different show had one of those groups been nominated for anything, can you imagine?” Then she laughed. I could only think it was a good thing she was a prose muse and not a comedy muse.

She told me all in all that the production values of the show were well done, but she was having a hard time understanding some of the singers and their presentations. “For instance,” she said,
“why would an attractive young women dye her hair blue and rely on pyrotechnics to sell her music?”

I told her I had the same thought, but apparently it is something that works for her, and she was on national TV last night doing her thing, whatever that is.

“Well,” she said, “she’s lucky Apollo wasn’t watching or he might have let loose with one of his golden arrows, and it would have really turned into a bad night for her.”

I asked her about Adele, who seemed to have owned the show last night.

She said, “For a singer who lacks the physical attributes of a lot of the other performers, and who also doesn’t rely on pyrotechnics and lasers a whole lot, it seemed to me that whoever gives out these awards made the right choice. Her voice is really quite something. Apollo would love to have her come and perform, in fact, I think I shall encourage him to invite her and see if he can book her into the Theater of Dionysus.”

“What do you mean when you say she “lacks the physical attributes of other performers?”

“Well, Bobby,” she said, “It just means that she is a bit on what you might call the full figure size, and the others all seem to weigh next to nothing.”

“Oh, you mean she doesn’t look like you and the others…you, who seems to weigh next to nothing?”

Suzanne laughed and said, “Bobby, you are being naughty boy again. You are playing with my words, and you are supposed to be learning to play with yours.”

Seems to me the teacher is learning as much as the student some days.

Take care, be well and keep in touch.



About Bob Kallberg

Retired reporter. Concentrating now on recounting Joanie's 12 year battle with cancer, a battle she waged with extreme courage, determination and an indomitable spirit, that, for me, serves as an example.
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