Cat Dreams

Good morning. This is Your Morning Briefing, February 28, 2012.

“Do cats have dreams?” I asked Suzanne last night.

She looked at me, somewhat bewildered, and said, “What in the name of Zeus are you talking about?”

“Nothing really, it just occurred to me that since you muses color dreams, I wondered if you did the same for our feline friends. I have also noticed that Brandy and Bailey are different when you are around then they are when its just them and me. I have wondered about that since you came here. I know, cats were not a big deal in Greece back in the day, at least not as big as they were in Egypt, where they were even embalmed and buried with food for their journey to wherever it was they were journeying to. So, tell me my little time traveler what’s the story.”

“Bobby, there’s really no story,” Suzanne said, “but I do think your friends Bailey and Brandy are special. I know they came to you and Joanie’s home at a time when they were needed, and I also know they have never been apart since they were born. As to whether they dream or not, I would suggest you ask them. All animals, be they cats, dogs or whatever, can talk. All you have to do is open your heart and you will hear them.”

“Wait a minute, I know you guys hang around after I’m asleep, and so you have an edge in the animal communication department over me. I like to think I do listen to them, and I also know these two are spoiled rotten. I still wonder if you three didn’t know one another in some other faraway place. So what do you guys talk about, and I still want to know if they have cat dreams or not.”

Suzanne told me that she and the cats didn’t talk about anything, and she said, “I don’t know them from any faraway place or any other time, I just like cats, and they like me. As to whether they have cat dreams or not, I can only imagine that they do, since they are really not that much different than we are in that regard.”

“So tell me my friend, why is it that you imagine they have dreams?” I asked.

“I think they do  because, when I see them sleeping, and even though cats sleep very lightly, if you watch, you can see them moving in their sleep. Their little mouths will be moving, and their little paws will be twitching, and that tells me they are having something that resembles a dream, and they are actively involved in it. So, Bobby, your friends are more active than you can imagine, even while you are asleep.”

“Okay, I’ll give you that, since I have no way to question or disprove anything you say about that, but what about talking, do you understand them, as you seem to when they are on your lap and under your spell?”

“This is where I’m positive Bobby,” Suzanne said, “and I think it holds true for all sorts of pets, not just cats. If you listen carefully, and put aside all of your preconceived notions about animals, you can hear them. I see it in Bailey when she tucks you in every night.”

I did acknowledge that Bailey does do that, and has since about a week or so after Joanie died. I told Suzanne, “We had an open staircase going down to the basement, and while Brandy would be off to her nesting place for the night, Bailey would wait by the staircase for me and when the TV was shut off, or whatever time it was and it was plain I was ready for bed, she would head for the bedroom and wait for me to get under the covers, as if she knew I needed somebody to tuck me in. She would, of course, expect some payment in the form of scratching, and stroking, and then would flop over her full length against me as I lay on my side, and purr away until she felt it was okay for her to move on. I had wondered what would happen to that routine when we moved, but it continues to this day. I must admit, I rather like it.”

Suzanne looked at me and said, “And you are asking me about whether cats have dreams or talk. It seems to me you already know that your cats can produce poetry in their purring and their mewings if only you will open your heart and hear it. And, I think you do.”

Take care, be well and keep in touch.


“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”

Even Siamese cats.


About Bob Kallberg

Retired reporter. Concentrating now on recounting Joanie's 12 year battle with cancer, a battle she waged with extreme courage, determination and an indomitable spirit, that, for me, serves as an example.
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