Where The Popsicles Are-74

Chemical weapons of mass destruction.

The next morning after her first round of chemotherapy, I woke her up at six-thirty in the morning to give her the first dose of Kytril. It was important to stay ahead of the nausea, for if you don’t, it is impossible to catch up, and you will have some very unpleasant times.

The first few days, proved the point of the value of the anti-nausea drugs. She seemed to have weathered the first round without any severe side affects. There were a couple of days when fatigue set in, but after that, she did really well.

It was about this time, I started using email to communicate with her friends about what was going on with her. I found it easier than calling everyone individually, and while using mass emails is somewhat impersonal, I didn’t care. I felt the important thing was to get the information out that people wanted to hear.

In 2003, the United States had invaded Iraq, looking for weapons of mass destruction, and that period contributed to the email I sent out following Joanie’s first round of chemo as part of this clinical trial.

I reprint it here in its entirety. It was dated July 22nd:

“This is to inform you that President Carson has ordered thousands of troops into battle with chemical weapons of mass destruction to search out and destroy infidel invaders who are seeking to bring down the government that has ruled Joanie’s body for some 53 years.

“The Commander in Chief has ordered a three-pronged attack on the mutant rebels led by Gen, Ifosfamide, Lt. Gen. Paclitaxel and Maj. Gen. Carboplatin to bring an end to this insurrection which threatens the stability of the Joanie world, not to mention the free world as well.

“This Wednesday last, the invasion was unleashed, with orders to search out and destroy the enemy wherever they may be hiding. Carson said in resorting to this drastic measure that all other options had failed, and there was no choice but to let the evildoers know, “The can run, but they cannot hide.”

“While there may be unfortunate “Friendly Fire” casualties along the way, Carson and her cadre are confident they can control the collateral damage and ultimately gain the victory over what Carson calls, “The scourge that is responsible for so much pain and suffering in the world today.”

“Embedded reporters covering this campaign report that the battle is indeed underway, with some affects already noticeable, however briefing officials from Command Central (COMCENT) indicate they were expected, and they have taken measures to mitigate any undue harm or discomfort.

“Officials at the briefing have also given reporters an outline of the battle plan which includes ushering in reinforcements every four weeks throughout what they expect to be a six-month campaign

“While it may be a shock to some that we do indeed have chemical weapons that are capable of mass destruction, and are willing to use them, officials say that humanitarian concerns dictate their use in select cases to overcome what is considered a clever, resilient and evil force.

“Greetings to all,

“Acutally, outside of a bit of nasuea, Joanie is doing fairly well. She did go back to work on Friday after we got back, and then, as the docs predicted, the fatigue hit and she had a couple of not so good days. Today, (Tues) she went in late this morning, and while still bothered by some mild nausea, she is determined to keep going as best she can. We will keep you posted on her progress.

“Bob (The Embedded-in more ways than one-Reporter)”

I showed it to Joanie before I sent it out, and she got a kick out of it, all things considered.


About Bob Kallberg

Retired reporter. Concentrating now on recounting Joanie's 12 year battle with cancer, a battle she waged with extreme courage, determination and an indomitable spirit, that, for me, serves as an example.
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