Where The Popsicles Are—A Christmas Wish

Where The Popsicles Are–A Christmas Wish Christmas is a happy time, but it is also a busy time, and I hope you will take moment to read what follows. It is a time for many that is bittersweet, but it can also be a magical time. A time when believing that better treatments and cures of cancer are possible. I, for one do.

The American Cancer Society has estimated the number of new gynecologic cancer cases in 2014 at almost 95,000, and of those cases, over 28,000 women will die. That includes deaths from cervical cancer, the number 4 leading cause, ovarian cancer, the number 5 killer, uterine cancer, the number 7 killer, vulva and vaginal cancers make up the rest. Those figures are for the U. S. only. There are tens of thousands more world wide who will be affected by these diseases.

Where The Popsicles Are is but one story of one woman’s battle with gynecologic cancer. You know her as Joanie Wigen, and her story is the reason for this Christmas Wish.

After Joanie died in 2008, I established an endowed research fund at the University of Minnesota Foundation in her memory. The fund, known as “The Joan Wigen Endowed Fund For Women’s Cancer Research has grown a little since then, but the time has come to beef it up in the effort to find new treatments and work towards cures for these diseases.

I never meant for the fund to just be a memorial to her, but a tool to be used to help the battle against these diseases.

I have an intense personal interest in this campaign. In 1984, one of my younger sisters, Judy died after a battle with cervical cancer. Three years later, my mother, Marie, died from uterine cancer, our dear friend Karen Tanous, died in 2006 just six months after she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and in 2008, Joanie died after her 12 year battle. So it’s not like this is some kind of intellectual exercise for me. I’ve seen first hand what the onset of these diseases bring, and the toll they take on women and their families.

20 Days–$20.00 There are 20 days left before Christmas, and what I’m asking you all to do is make a donation of $20.00 to the Joanie Research Fund. Of course you can always donate more if you want, but all I’m asking for is $20.00. You will learn why shortly. You can do it a couple of ways.

You can send a check to this address:

University of Minnesota Foundation

P.O. Box 860266

Minneapolis, MN 55486-0266

Make checks payable to the U of M Foundation/Joan Wigen Fund Or, you can click on the link below, and make a donation directly to the fund on the Foundation site. http://bit.ly/JoanieWigen

The reason I’m only asking for $20.00 is this. I figure, if all of you will share this post with your friends, on your Timeline, and encourage them to share it with their friends, we can reach many more people than I could personally. You can also share the crowd funding page from the link above with your friends.

This is asking a lot, I know, but I feel strongly that $20.00 from a small percentage of donors can go a long way towards raising funding to a level where the amount used every year for research projects can have some impact. This is important to know also, and that is 100% of the funds raised for the Joanie Research Fund goes for that purpose alone.

So, if you agree that the scourge of gynecologic cancers should be stopped, please take a minute today and either send in a check, or go to the link on the page and make your donation. Twenty dollars, a dollar a day for the 20 days before Christmas, can help make a difference in the fight against the diseases that rob so many women, world wide, of a long and fruitful life, so, please, share this with all of your FB friends and ask them to share it with their friends, and make this Christmas Wish a reality.

Who knows, perhaps on one brief moment on Christmas Eve you’ll be sitting there in the afterglow of an evening with family and friends, and you will think to yourself, “I believe it can be done.” So please believe and share this with your FB friends or any of your other friends.

If your friends aren’t familiar with Joanie Wigen, have them check this site, kallberg.blog.wordpress.com, and go to the archives and click on February 14, 2013 for the start of Where The Popsicles Are.

“If you want to arrange it, this world you can change it if we somehow can make this Christmas thing last.”-Trans-Siberian Orchestra,“Old City Bar.”

Let us change it. Please share this with your friends today so we can spread the word about the need for better treatments and more research to find cures for these ugly diseases. You can, as the song says, change this world.

Merry Christmas.

Bob Kallberg


About Bob Kallberg

Retired reporter. Concentrating now on recounting Joanie's 12 year battle with cancer, a battle she waged with extreme courage, determination and an indomitable spirit, that, for me, serves as an example.
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