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Christmas Eve, 2016

The ghosts of Christmas past are present. I can’t escape them on this special night. They come, slipping through the fog of memory. Sitting here on Christmas Eve, I light a candle that can show them the way To where … Continue reading

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When I Was A Boy

“When I was boy, with candy and toy, Christmas was a happy time. But now I am old and the world grows more cold…….” And I can’t remember the rest of the lyrics to the opening song of a Christmas … Continue reading

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December Memory

A Cold Winter’s Night I remember, as I sit here this night, just a few days before Christmas, a cold December night of 2008. I was in Avon, Minnesota at Joe and Joni’s place, where I always stopped on my … Continue reading

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The Last Christmas Eve There was a cloud that Christmas Eve in 2007. One that hung over the house on North Mandan Street. One that muted the colors and the sounds of the season. The options, we knew, were gone. … Continue reading

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Where The Popsicles Are-132

Christmas Memories We made love that Christmas Eve, on the floor in front of the roaring fire we had started in the fireplace. Peaches and Muffin were unsure what was going on, and kept their distance. It was a time … Continue reading

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