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Just Another Christmas Story

My brother, Jerry, who lives in North Carolina, sent me a present this year, which included some chocolate covered cherries, the importance of which I didn’t understand, and dispatched them quickly, which means I ate everyone. After all, they were … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Candle

One of Joanie’s Candles If I might take a moment I’d like to talk about a candle, a candle that has shed its warm light on me for many years, one of Joanie’s candles. Now, please don’t go calling your … Continue reading

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Christmas Party With Suzanne

All Aboard! Suzanne and I made a decision later that morning, and that was, instead of champagne and strawberries, which we had done several times before when she was here, we’d keep it simple. Just some wine and some good … Continue reading

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Reflections, December 2016

This is another re-post, if there is such a word, of something I wrote a couple of years ago, about something I wrote many, many years ago. Some may have seen it before, some not. In any event, it is … Continue reading

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Where The Popsicles Are-112

Topotecan is not an island in the South Pacific. Nor is it a rare tropical bird found in some South American rainforest. It is another poison used in the chemotherapy treatment of advanced cervical cancer, and Joanie was about to … Continue reading

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