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The Lincoln Underground

Some Images and Words There is a literary magazine in Lincoln, Nebraska that is publishing a few of my words, and a couple of my images. This is a magazine that features the work of many creative people, and I … Continue reading

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Short, Short Story

A Really, Really, Short Story. I looked across the bar, but she was gone.

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State of the Union-Attention Must be Paid

I haven’t been on a rant in a long time. Actually, I’m not given to rants all that often, preferring a more low key approach to expressing my passion for, or against some thing or another. Last night as I … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Time of Year

I am an unabashed lover of the holidays. Coming from an adult who is, to steal a line from a Jimmy Buffet Christmas song, “…a long way from my first birthday,” that might sound funny, but I am an unrepentant … Continue reading

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November 7, 1980

November 7, 1980 was a Friday. That date still means something to me. The election was over, and Al Olson had been elected governor. I had worked for him on his campaign. On that Friday, I walked into the bar … Continue reading

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